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Every day I hear the following questions: What is the right business entity for my new business? My husband and I want to start our own home business, what should we do?
What is the best entity structure for a real estate business? What kind of entity gives me the best protection from liability while minimizing taxes? Part of my job as a...

10 Legal Tips You Can't Live Without

Wills and Trusts

Every day we have clients who come in worried about a lawsuit they are involved in or somebody that is not keeping their end of an agreement.

If you haven't been there, you may not know the level of anxiety, uncertainty, and frustration that these kinds of disputes can cause. They often cast a...

Wills and Trusts Are Useless Without This Simple Step

Preventing family conflict is one of the biggest concerns that clients have when preparing their estate plans – for good reason! Dealing with the death of a loved one is overwhelming. That stress intensifies when family members must distribute their loved one’s assets. That stress can blow misunderstandings out of proportion – leading to fights and resentment in the family that can ruin relationships and cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. Thankfully, there are some important steps that you can take to prevent those conflicts.

These days, it is difficult for a business to function without an online presence.

In the Wild West of internet business, you can take some simple steps to make sure you are protected legally.

Lessons on Efficiency from Big Law

Recently, we assisted a client whose parents, decades ago, went through the steps of creating an estate plan consisting of a revocable trust and pour-over will.

The parents properly transferred title to all then owned real and personal property to the trust. Several years later, they purchased a family vacation home but failed to transfer it to their trust. When the husband died...

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Many of my clients, friends, and family wonder why attorneys at large law firms charge rates substantially higher than attorneys who practice on their own.

To some extent, legal fees are similar to medical costs--we all hate the thought of them, until we need them ourselves, and then we want only the best that...

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